Photography - How To Do Everything With Your Digital Camera

Photography - How To Do Everything With Your Digital Camera

The world of digital photography is changing fast. It’s just crawling out of its infancy, but

it has a long way to go before digital is as common—or easy to use—as a 35mm point-and-shoot camera. But this is a great time to purchase and use a digital camera, and I hope that some of my enthusiasm for the digital medium comes through.

I wrote this book so that you could sit down and read it through like a novel if you’d like to—but I realize few people will actually do that. If you’re looking for specific information, I’ve organized the book so topics should be easy to find.

Part I kicks things off with the basics of using your camera. I begin by explaining how to shop for a digital camera and how to operate the most common controls on digital cameras. From there, I delve into stuff you need to know no matter what kind of camera you have— stuff like composition, lighting, close-ups, and how to take advantage of the special features of your camera.

Part II of the book is all about getting the images from the camera into your PC. I talk about how to use file formats like JPG and TIF, and how to care for the memory cards that come with your camera. For those of you who want to scan traditional film prints into your PC, I’ve dedicated a chapter to selecting and using a scanner. I’m guessing that most of you will be keenly interested in Part III—at least that’s one of the most...

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